Automotive Valeting Level 3


Our Level 3 course is an intensive course designed to introduce learners to advanced valeting and detailing techniques such as machine polishing, wet-sanding, removal of light scratches and paint defects, reducing orange peel, and also introduces the learners to modern paint coatings such as ceramic coatings. The following is a list of what is covered in this course; 

Course Content

  • Identifying paint defects and how to deal with each type 
  • Measuring Paint Depths
  • Polishing Pads Intro
  • Compounds and Polishes Intro
  • Machine Polisher Intro 
  • Using a DA Polisher
  • Using a Forced Rotation Polisher
  • Using a Rotary Polisher
  • Using a mini polisher
  • Ceramic Coating Intro
Our Tutor

These courses are delivered by Larry Kehoe, Irelands longest established Car Detailer. Larry has over 20 years experience in the valeting and detailing industry, and is a Certified and Skills Verified Detailer within the International Detailing Association.

 He is also fully trained and accredited some of the worlds leading brands, including Carpo, Titan, Labocosmetica and Colourlock. 

Course objectives
We have a very simple 3-Step system for our courses. From running our own valeting and detailing business for the past 14 years, we are fully aware of the need for efficiency when it comes to chemical usage and also time management. That is why our courses focus on the most efficient way to do each task when valeting and detailing a car. 
Before training has even started, we will assess the level where the learner is at from a knowledge and skills point of view. We also discuss the products and equipment currently available to the candidate so that we can deliver focused training that the candidate can put into practice immediately without the need for further investment.  
Training Methods

Learners will be required to pass both a written and practical assessment in order to receive their Level 3 Certificate 

Trainee Requirements

Holders of Certificate Level 2


1 Day

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